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Personal success is not always the same as personal fulfillment. Professional success is not guaranteed in the long run. In order to make success both sustainable and fulfilling, we need to develop a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals and leaders.

Life is fast and it’s getting faster. There are myriads of decisions that we need to make every day. With each decision that we need to make, our mental bandwidth decreases and with it our capacity to think creatively and our capacity to learn.


You need to keep learning to stay relevant

Things change fast. What was new yesterday will be obsolete tomorrow. That’s why we need to keep learning. Fast. And a lot. In more than one area. This is the modern version of the “Renaissance man” (and woman) – a real polymath with highly developed skills in more than one area.


But how do you make time for learning when you only have enough time to breathe? And where do you start? How do you proceed? What should you learn about? The information overload is real and the decision paralysis even more so.


Snackable content to be consumed on the go

We might have found the solution for you: well classified, “snackable” content that can be consumed on the go.

You choose your area of interest, browse the articles inside it, read those that appeal to your interests. The articles are practical and short. Each one of them requires only 3-5 minutes of reading time (calculated for an average reader). If you find the topic worth your time, you can dig deeper using the resources we provide at the end of each article.

“When you feel like you don’t have enough hours in a day, learning is not your number one priority. But you know that not learning puts you in danger of becoming irrelevant in today’s fast evolving environment.

When you’ll understand this, you’ll start looking for every possible opportunity to learn every day.

The Busy Lifestyle aims to make learning easy by becoming your source of high quality, well organized and easily accessible information to help you increase your leadership skills and human potential.”

– Maura Cordis, Founder, THE BUSY LIFESTYLE


Easily accessible practical information

When we say it’s easy to navigate and learn on The Busy Lifestyle platform, we mean it. The information is organized by categories and you’ll find something for everyone. Entrepreneurs have their space, and business leaders have their own, there is an area dedicated to personal development, to managing time, busy schedules and stress; you’ll also find information about team management, communication, but also more technical topics related to marketing, human resources, finance, digitalization, and more.


Not only easily accessible but also easy to digest

We have created short format articles to give you a solid idea about the topic. But don’t worry. It’s not superficial. It’s just essential learning. If you want to go further and learn more, at the end of each article you have a list of books and other resources about the topic.

And if you have signed up for the newsletter you will get the links to the new articles in your inbox. Each article in the newsletter has a short summary for you to decide if reading it is worth your time.


“I was reading The Busy Lifestyle often and really liked the topics and the format, but when my daily schedule was over packed I wasn’t checking the platform for days and I was missing some of the best articles. A couple of months ago I have subscribed to the newsletter and now I receive the list of the newly published articles, nicely organized by topic, and I can go back and check those I’m interested in whenever I have 10 free minutes.

I appreciate the book recommendations at the end of most of the articles as they allow me to dig deeper in the topics I want to learn more about.”

– Michael B., VP Sales


Sustainable Success

If you are a decision maker interested in personal development and leadership, and sustainable personal and professional success is your goal, we invite you to have a look at The Busy Lifestyle Platform.


Because we know you’re busy and you don’t always have time to browse all the articles on the platform when you sign up for the newsletter, you’ll receive, every week, the list of the newly published articles (each one of them with a short summary) organized by category. This way, when you’ll have a few minutes to spare, you won’t waste them looking for things to read and learn about. You’ll know exactly where to go.