The Big 5 Personality Traits – How They Influence the Way We Lead

Big 5 Personality Types OCEAN
The big 5 personality traits model (aka OCEAN personality traits model) is one of the easiest to use personality traits model. It helps us better interact with others by giving us the key to their patterns of behavior. No two people are the same. No two people have the same personality traits. To try to model someone's personality based on a small set of personality traits might be considered simplistic, but depending on where you use it, it can also be helpful.  

The Big 5 Personality Traits Enter the Scene

Have you noticed how sometimes people’s decisions, actions, behaviors just don’t make sense? Well, here’s the news: it makes sense for them! Always! The misunderstanding comes from the fact that they are acting based on their personality traits, patterns of behavior and patterns of thought, emotions and values and we are analyzing based on ours. Interesting piece of information, right? But rather theoretical, I would say. Let’s see how it can be used in real life.  

Personality Type Assessments

There are lots of personality type assessments (Myers-Brigg, DiSC, to name the most used). Insightful, and rather complex – in a positive way: you want a reliable result, don’t you?

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