10 Things to Do to Increase the Number of Visitors to Your Company’s Website

Are you here because you are looking for easy ways to increase your website traffic?

You know the saying: easy come, easy go.

That being said, if you’re looking for easy, don’t waste your time reading this article.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for sustainable website traffic increase, this might give you some ideas.

The good thing about all this point, is that neither requires you to pay to attract visitors to your website.

And who doesn’t want to have free website traffic?


1. Understand who your customers are

This one is rather obvious. Or not. Some of us still think that their product and service is useful for everybody. While “everybody” might use your product, not “everybody” will.

So, who exactly are your customers? Can you go beyond demographics and define, in detail, who our customers are?

Use psychographics to fine tune your audience. What they like, what are their interests, what is their lifestyle and/or personality.

Use occasions to understand what are the situations that lead to purchase or use of your product or service.

Use behavioral analysis to understand how your customers buy and use your product or services.

Look also at the benefits your customers are looking for when they buy from you.

You see, understanding who your customers really are is not that simple in the end.


2. Find out where they hang out

As obvious as this may seem, you can only do it when you have a clear answer at the point 1 above. Until then you will have only a vague idea about where your customers are and where you should be present too.

Let me give you an example. Of course you should be present on Facebook. Everyone and their aunt is there, right? Almost.

Let’s suppose your customers are busy people. This is their lifestyle as you have identified it in the psychographic analysis above. Will they visit Facebook often? Not so sure about that. Which means your effort to create a presence on Facebook should have been used elsewhere with a better return on investment.


3. Find out what their interests are

If you have done your homework well on the point 1 above, finding their interests will become easier. However, here too you should made a little effort and go beyond the obvious.


4. Find out what they are looking for when they are searching for the products/services your company offers

Let me explain this one better. If you concentrate only on the people who search the exact name of your product and service you are losing a big part of the market.

What you should do instead is to understand what is the pain your customers are trying to alleviate when they use your product and service. That’s what they are searching for online.

Also, pay attention to the exact words and expressions they are using. This will allow you to adapt your offer and make it more appealing.


5. Create content that is helpful

With the information you collected at the points 1, 3, and 4 above you will be able to create content (written, audio or video) that is informative, helpful, educational – content that your future customers will want to read.

Your content will not only be on topics of interest for your customers, but it will also use their language. Psychologically, this will help you create a deeper connection between your customers and your company.


6. Post your content where your customers are

Now that you have identified who your customers are and where they go when they are online, you can concentrate your efforts on the areas that will bring you the highest ROI.


7. Make your content worth sharing

Sharing your content on social media is already a good step towards driving more visitors to your website. Making your content worth sharing will amplify that reach.


8. Think twice before using influencers. This is what you can do instead

Yes, influencers are the big thing these days. However, lately there were a lot of issues around this subject: fake followers, not enough engagement, to mention just the most important.

Instead of using influencers, why not interview specialists in your field? Find 10 – 15 specialists and ask them one question. Take their answers and make an article. They will be happy to share it with their audiences. Here’s your reach multiplied by 10 with little effort and no budget.


9. Don’t stop at social media. Use news and content aggregators

Have you heard of Flipboard? Do you know you can share your article there? It generates traffic and gives you quality backlinks (more about this topic in another article).

You can also use Pocket, Paper.li, Scoop.it, Medium, Digg, etc. Traffic and backlinks galore.


10. Don’t bet on one action

The bad news is that none of the things listed above, by itself, won’t create a flood of visitors to your website.

The good news is that all the things listed above, consistent content creation, and persistent work over a longer period of time will allow you to see a slow but steady increase of website traffic.

The even better news, is that the traffic you generate this way won’t stop when you stop paying for advertising.


Oh, did I mention that by following these steps you will increase your website traffic for free?

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