Resistance to Change
Be it a digital transformation endeavor or even a smaller change project, resistance to change in the workplace is real. Overcoming resistance to change, though, shouldn’t be an everyday struggle. Of course, you can ignore the resistance and charge ahead with the change process (no, it’s not the solution we intend to suggest). However, ignoring the resistance to change of your team won’t make the resistance disappear. The easier way to manage and reduce resistance to change in the workplace is to create the desire for an improved future context - a better future that will be created as a result of implementing the change.
The desire for change (instead of resistance to change) is the D in the ADKAR formula for change management.  

ADKAR, a model introduced by PROSCI, means Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement.

    There are three main elements that need to be addressed if you want to create the desire for change:

1. Identify the factors that will make people desire the change instead of resisting it. 2. Communicate

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